Our lives consist of a series of moments.

The average person makes around 35,000 decisions per day. We organize our day by making about 2,000 tiny decisions per waking hour and one decision every two seconds. Most of these decisions are unconscious and automatic. All affect how we feel.

WE are what we repeatedly do.

Decisions, even seemingly small ones, can bring you closer to realizing your big goals in life. Or they can move you farther away. Even small decisions can have big impacts. Exhaustion. Burnout. Or just a general blah feeling about life. I get it. I felt this way for years. Even as a yoga teacher.

Every decision matters. Even the small ones.

What would happen if we tweeked our daily decisions that we know have to happen - like wake up time, bed time and diet? What if we oriented our daily habits towards thrive - in body, mind and spirit?

Wait, hold up…. How can such little things like self care affect how I show up for my work, my partner, my kids and my passions? It turns A LOT. If you are underslept and undernourished or the mind overworked and under-rested, you can’t function optimally, let alone make decisions that align you with your big life goals. How are you going to uncover your dharma if you hardly want to get out of bed???

That’s where I come in. I offer yoga and health coaching courses that teach you how to tweek your daily routine not only for survival, but for thriving. In my signature course Align to Thrive, we look at what the 4,000 year old healing science of Ayurveda has to say about morning and bedtime routine, diet, movement and quiet time. You will learn not only the what but the how of changing your health habits. Using the wisdom of current behavioral science on habit change, you will learn to make tiny, incremental shifts to your daily routine. The changes will start out small — so small you will hardly notice the shift.. until you find that who you were is no longer who you are.