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It is time to feel your best.

When have you felt your best? When you are on holiday? In nature? After a great yoga class? When you first fell in love?

What if you could feel this way every day? Is that even possible??

Yes!! Well.. maybe not the in love bit, but you could learn to fall more and more in love with yourself, which may be even better.. :)  

Over the last decade and a half of teaching public classes, workshops and retreats, I have met many students whose lives have changed from the power of a consistent yoga practice. The body gets stronger and more supple. The mind more resilient to life transitions and challenges. Our relationships have more ease as we get less reactive and more compassionate. And then..  the unfortunate plateau that many yoga teachers don’t like to talk about.

If our yoga practice is the only consistent practice we have, it simply will not be enough if our daily habits are out of sync.

We need daily habits for living. We need daily habits for thrive.

That’s where I come in. I teach the ancient sciences of Ayurveda and yoga in a practical hands-on way. You were made for great things. You were made to thrive.



Learn how to thrive with healthy habits


The Philosophy of Ayurveda…

Know you can feel better than you feel but having a hard time figuring out how ?I teach daily health habits for a thriving body (physical, mental and emotional) based on Ayurveda. Simple habits around waking and morning routine, meal timing and spacing, knowing what to eat according to your body type and dosha, having regular and varied exercise and devoting time daily to the health of your mind make a HUGE difference in how you show up to your work, relationships, and most importantly to yourself. Healthy daily habits can also prevent hereditary or lifestyle diseases such as autoimmune disorders or sedentary lifestyle disorders, and prevent burnout. Learn how to live now for the person you want to be tomorrow, next year, and 20 years from now.

 The philosophy of Yoga

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