Apply steady effort in the direction you want to go…

Yoga comes from the word yolk. It means to unite or connect. What are we connecting? The dark and the light, the masculine and the feminine, the ha and the tha, matter and spirit, me and you, me and you with all of the cosmos. There are lots of ways to practice union. I just happen to teach the practice most common in the West – hatha yoga. Hatha yoga means physical yoga – using our physicality to find this union.

I am trained primarily in Jivamukti yoga, which means my public classes include chanting, really practical philosophy, loads of hands-on assists, hot and sweaty flow and hip and varied music and meditation. I believe yoga is for everyone — the old, young, pregnant, injured, teens, the stressed, and the sedentary.

Open Classes

MON 13.00 -14.00 h Spiritual Warrior at Jivamukti Gärtnerplatz

WED 9.15-10.45 Jivamukti Open at Jivamukti Gärtnerplatz

THU 18.30 Jivamukti Open at Jivamukti Gärtnerplatz

Private Yoga

If you want yoga to be a lifetime practice, invest in yourself. Public classes assume you are fit, free from injury or ailment, have a good sense for your body and are perfectly proportioned. No one is. Private instruction allows you to adapt this 5,000 year old system to your body today. I see some people weekly, and others for shorter periods to work on specific postures or needs so they can integrate safely into public classes.

New students can take a 5 or 10 class “intro to yoga” package which covers the fundamentals of standing postures, backbends, forward bends, inversions, how to “flow” through vinyasa, how to modify postures for your unique body and the components of a public class (ujayyi and other breath work, meditation, common chants and what they mean, bandha and other topics it is assumed you know when you take a public class that you often don’t. :)). This is a crash course in yoga for beginning students to confidently take public classes.


Retreats + Workshops

Want to deepen your yoga practice, learn more about yoga philosophy, connect with like-minded people and have the ultimate recharge of your inner batteries? Retreats are great for that. Journey with me to meet another version of you.

Here upcoming Retreats and Workshops.