Our lives consist of a series of moments.

The average person makes around 35,000 decisions per day. We organize our day by making about 2,000 tiny decisions per waking hour and one decision every two seconds. Most of these decisions are unconscious and automatic. They all matter.

WE are what we repeatedly do.

Decisions, even seemingly small ones, can bring you closer to realizing your big goals in life. Or they can move you farther away. Even small decisions can have big impact. Exhaustion. Burnout. Or just a general blah feeling about life. I get it. I felt this way for years. Even as a yoga teacher.

Every decision matters. Even the small ones.



Rest, nourish, move and commune.

These are basic human needs that we often forget in our busy lives. My longer workshops and retreats combine invigorating daily yoga classes with practical philosophy, meditation, and singing. They are a great way to reboot and recharge your inner batteries for the other important work in your life.



Design your day for how you want to feel…

Know you can feel better than you feel but having a hard time figuring out how? Simple habits around waking and morning routine, meal timing and spacing, knowing what to eat according to your body type and dosha, having regular and varied exercise and devoting time daily to the health of your mind make a HUGE difference in how you show up to your work, relationships, and most importantly to yourself. Healthy daily habits can also prevent hereditary or lifestyle diseases such as autoimmune disorders or sedentary lifestyle disorders, and prevent burnout. Learn how to make decisions now for the person you want to be tomorrow, next year, and 20 years from now.

Design your movement for how you want to feel…

I teach public yoga classes to all levels in Munich. My open and advanced level courses offer both an invigorating asana practice with practical yoga and Ayurvedic philosophy. Or for a more intimate and customized experience, book me for a private or corporate class.




Simple reminders..

I like to write..mainly because I love to write things that I would also like to read. My writings usually consist of musings about practical, life-positive philosophy, Ayurveda, health, and nerdy behavioral science stuff on how we change habits. I’m a doer, not just a talker. Check out my current and old writings or subscribe below for a monthly inspiration dropped right into your inbox.



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